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Magnet search engein.
Another torrent search engine.


NFO Hump
Scene release info.

Release info for XBOX360.

Nintendo scene release info.


Yoyogames freeware games
Free gamemaker games.

Gamemakergames forum
Another forum for gamemaker. Big archive of freeware (gamemaker) games that you can download.

#Retro gaming

Big community of game developers and players.

Retro Remakes
The best retro games.

Classic Retro Games
Get freeware games here.

#Dutch subtitles

Subtitle Seeker
Large database of subtitles.
Loads of dutch subs to download for your movie. Most of the time not the highest quality, but very up-to-date.
Another website for dutch subtitles.


CDR Winkel
Good place to get some Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens.

Console PRO
Reliable store to satisfy your console needs. Friendly service.


Here you can find some nice retro styled games. Ranging from platform games to arcade games and some nice puzzle games.

Below are games that can be downloaded here (Windows or Android builds) or you can find a link to another download source, like Google Play, OUYA, Razer Forge, M.O.J.O and Nvidia Shield TV if builds are available.

This page will be updated whenever a new game is available or if a game is updated.

Currently there are 10 games available, see below.

Lao's Quest
A puzzle platform game where you need to think on how to get to the next level! Jump, shoot, throw dynamite, blast walls and avoid spikes and loads of traps. This game is a mix of Rick Dangerous (Amiga) and Kings Valley II (MSX) and will make your head hurt! Good luck!

This is a sokuban puzzle game! It features a highly recommended level set made by Jordi Domenech. It's with a few boxes only, so it plays great on any android device! It's one of the best sokuban sets I've played in a long time!

Homz Challenge!
This is a another sokuban puzzle game! It features a highly recommended level set made by Marti Homz and Jordi Domenech. It's with a few boxes only, so it plays great on any android device! Awesome!

A memory game. Match 2 or 3 cards, where you play different game types, matching animals, numbers, letters, colors and puzzlepieces! It's 100% free!

A sliding puzzle game. Move blocks with the mouse and try to get the red block or ball out in as few moves as possible. There are 57 different puzzles with blocks, balls and different blocks ranging from easy to very hard.

In this retro styled game you have to try to land your UFO on hostile ground. Destroy objects, dodge moving stars, falling rocks, and semi-friendly UFOs and start chain reactions of destruction with your forcefield.

This is an arcade dungeon shooter/explore/puzzle retro game. A remake of Tutankham (parker brothers / videopac version) with added levels, items and gameplay! All the original levels are in this remake (100 levels!)

This is a remake of MouseTrap, a game from Exidy for the Colecovision back in the 80s. I added a lot of new stuff, so the hardcore gamer will definitely like this version. It's awesome!

An old school arcade dungeon shooter. This is an enhanced version of the Colecovision game "Venture" with added levels, traps and enemies!
This is a pretty hard game, so good luck!

Oils Well
A remake of OILS WELL by Sierra Online 1983, with some added extras,
like new enemies and new levels