Some links

  • SmartTubeNext
  • Watch youtube ad free! on a Android device like Smart TV or Nvidia Shield TV
  • Uitzending gemist downloader [dutch]
  • Tool to download episodes from dutch TV
  • Retrospect [dutch]
  • Kodi addon for uitzending gemist

    Torrent and magnet
  • MagnetDL
  • Download files via Magnet files only
  • The PirateBay
  • Download files via the largest Torrent tracker!

  • The Vault
  • Download games for old consoles
  • ABGX360
  • Verified XBOX360 games database
  • Advanscene
  • Gamedatabase for NintendoDS, Gameboy Advance, etc
  • Gametdb
  • Download covers for WII and Gamecube games
  • Gecko/cheat codes for WII, N64, Gamecube, etc

  • Yoyogames freeware games
  • Lots of free games, made with GameMaker
  • Yoyogames Forum
  • Forum for games made with GameMaker

  • Gamejolt
  • Community of indiegame developers and games

  • OUYA discover store (cweiske)
  • A replacement for the OUYA discover store!
  • OUYA discord channel
  • The OUYA lives again!

    Twitter links
  • Wouter Keller [dutch]
  • Twitter feed van Wouter Keller
  • Marianne Zwagerman [dutch]
  • Twitter feed van Marianne Zwagerman
  • Wybren van Haga [dutch]
  • Twitter feed van Nederlandse politicus Wybren van Haga
  • Thierry Baudet [dutch and english]
  • Twitter feed of Dutch politician Thierry Baudet

    Interesting links
  • Artsencollectief [dutch]
  • Kritische website t.a.v het overheids beleid m.b.t corona
  • Maurice de Hond [dutch]
  • Website van Maurice de Hond
  • Ninefornews [dutch]
  • Alternatieve Nieuws website

  • Evozi APK downloader
  • Download .apk from the playstore to your PC
  • OSSC firmware download
  • Firmware for the Open Souce Scan Converter
  • Krikzz homepage
  • Flashcards for old consoles like N64, SNES, etc