Maze Runner

Try to exit the maze first!

This game is for 1,2,3 or 4 players!

You can also add one CPU player or play alone against the CPU!

It's best to invite some friends to play! :)

This game uses gamepads, but if you play alone against the CPU, you can also use a keyboard.

* Use the d-pad or the left analog stick to move your player.
* Press button O to make a smoke cloud. When your opponent walks through it, it will make him dizzy and slow. Best to drop it while he's right behind you.
* Press button A to walk through walls.
* After a win, the winner can be dizzy the next round.
* After each win, players might get new items.
* You can set the game to use items, or NOT to use items.
There is also a scrambler. This will scramble the maze after some random time.
If can be set to NO, +, ++ or +++. The higher the setting, the more often the maze will change.
The exit might also be moved.

You can also set a handicap for each player (1,2,3,4,5).
Setting 1 means that the player is not very good, and will not receive much handicap.
Setting 5 means that the player is good, and will get a huge handicap.
A heavier handicap means that this player is dizzy more often, and receives fewer items.
A handicap can be set for each player to even out the skill level of each player.

Game works on OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and most android devices with gamepads


Check out the following screenshots:

Click on the images for a bigger version.

Download latest version:
Current version: 3.3.0

Maze runner [Android]
[local file for sideloading]
OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and
other Android devices

Maze runner [OUYA]
[OUYA playstore link]
Tested on OUYA.

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