It's a remake of the original game MouseTrap from Exidy on the ColecoVision console in 1982 with loads of extra's! Eat cheezy dots, kill cats, avoid the bird and grab some bonusses on the way to clear the maze.

There are doors in three colors. Each of them can be controlled. Use this to avoid or trap in cat in a confined space. Teleports are at your disposal to confuse your enemies. Use the middle teleport to randomly zap to the corners or use the 'pac man' side teleports. Using the teleports also confuses the bird. Only the grey cats can use the side teleports also.

Included is a new and confusing "black cat" bonus level! Kill the almost invisible black cat to get a super bonus while avoiding the deadly grey cats. Thunder can light up the maze, but it can also be pitch dark...

This game is loaded with different mazes, bonusses and extra's.

This is pacman on speed!

* Added different game modes : arcade/advanced/random and fixed mode.
* Contains different mazes (instead of one in the arcade version)
* Added one way streets.
* Added side teleports.
* Mouse can move fast thru the maze if done right : e.g. when you go left, and you want to go down the next crossing, you can easily do it by pressing down before the crossing, so you will slide quickly around the corner.
* Grey cats added to the game. They cannot be killed.
* The bird can be lightning fast. Also, it can go into stealth mode, where it is hard to spot.
* Added bonus black cat level.
* Random bonuses added.
* Settings screen where you can set maze type, starting level and difficulty.
* Info screen.
* Custom highscore screen.
* Game contains cheat menu.

Download latest version:

Current version: 4.1.0

MouseTrap [Windows]
[local file for sideloading]
Windows Vista and up
(Tested on Vista and Windows 10)

MouseTrap [Android]
[local file for sideloading]
OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and
other Android devices

MouseTrap [OUYA]
[OUYA playstore link]
Tested on OUYA (might be older version).

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Notes (windows):
* Use keyboard or gamepad/joystick to control game
* Use F4 to change from full screen to window mode and back.

Notes (Android):
* Use gamepad to control game
* Might also work on other android device with a keyboard or bluetooth gamepad connected.
* Tested on Nvidia Shield TV with original controller

In game videos
Check out some gameplay videos:

Here are some more screenshots:
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