Some quick Links


Magnet search engein.
Another torrent search engine.
Another torrent search engine.


NFO Hump
Scene release info.

Release info for XBOX360.

Nintendo scene release info.


Yoyogames freeware games
Free gamemaker games.

Gamemakergames forum
Another forum for gamemaker. Big archive of freeware (gamemaker) games that you can download.

#Retro gaming

Big community of game developers and players.

Retro Remakes
The best retro games.

Classic Retro Games
Get freeware games here.

#Dutch subtitles

Subtitle Seeker
Large database of subtitles.
Loads of dutch subs to download for your movie. Most of the time not the highest quality, but very up-to-date.
Another website for dutch subtitles.


CDR Winkel
Good place to get some Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens.

Console PRO
Reliable store to satisfy your console needs. Friendly service.

Welcome to this little corner on the web...

A place where you find a few great retro games I made, some pictures about me and some other stuff to download!

Also, make sure, you check out the following item, you might like it:

Hey, that's a nice boat, just try this link:
Opensource is a great concept. Freeware, copyleft and modchips are a few others.
If you want to know more about it, just click the links.

In the mean time, enjoy yourself!