In this retro styled game you have to try to land your UFO on hostile ground!

Your UFO has a force field which helps you to destroy objects, but you also have to dodge moving stars, falling rocks, and semi-friendly green UFOs. Sometimes hostile vessels appears which are out to destroy you, as they relentlessly fire missiles. Also, every once in a while there are challenge levels to boost your points and lives.

As your force field destroys an object, its pieces can initiate a chain reaction of destruction. This way you can blast your way through some star packed regions, which might seem unsafe at first. Combos of destruction will also give you great scores and extra lives.

A strategic game combined with some brutal arcade action, where you need some fast reflexes! To get through a level, you must strategically plan your route to get through safely.

- Touch the screen on the left or the right side to move your UFO. You can also use most game-pads and keyboards.
- Touch upper part of screen or use the back button or ESC button to pause game.


Check out the following screenshots:

Click on the images for a bigger version.

* Strategic and arcade retro action!
* 100% free: No ads, no in-game purchases!
* Initiate combos of destruction to rack up points!
* 3 difficulty levels.
* You can choose fixed levels, and randomly generated levels.
* 300 fixed levels. After that an unlimited number of randomly generated levels.
* Challenge levels
* High score table
* Continue option
* Interactive tutorial

Download latest version:
Current version: 3.5.0

UFO! [Windows]
[local file for sideloading]
Windows Vista and up
(Tested on Vista and Windows 10)

UFO! [Android]
[local file for sideloading]
OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV and
other Android devices

UFO! [Playstore]
[link to Google Playstore]
For Android tablets and Phones
(compatible devices. might be older version)

[OUYA playstore link]
Tested on OUYA.

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Change log:
* Tutorial much improved!

Notes (windows):
* Use touchscreen, mouse, keyboard or gamepad to control game
* If you're running this game under Vista and you're experiencing stuttering gameplay, you need to change some settings on the file. Click here for the settings.

Notes (android):
* Use touchscreen, mouse, keyboard or gamepad to control game
* Tested on : Samsung Galaxy 10.1 N8000 and Samsung Galaxu S5 NEO

Notes (OUYA and Nvidia Shield TV):
* Tested on OUYA and Nvidia Shield TV with original controllers