How to setup Priority queue in Sysreset

>>> Short manual written by JRLS <<<




Make sure you have the latest script of SysReset installed.

The current latest version is 2.53 and can be downloaded from


What needs to be done is to give priority to friends and other servers in the channel.


To do this, start up mIRC with SysReset script installed, and go to “Sysreset -> File Server Manager” in the menu.



The SysReset manager will pop up. Then click on the tab “Server Config” as shown below:



Then click on the large button “Priority Queue Control” to bring up the following window (without the A, B and C of course !)



In here you have three possibilities to use priority queuing, which you all can use at the same time.


A          You give all Voiced users priority (users with a “+” in front of their nickname)

B          You give all Oped users priority (users with a “@” in front of their nickname)

C          You give priority to users with a certain hostmask which you can enter in the textbox.


Note that the priority is used for all channels you’re serving on. In the current version of SysReset you cannot give priority in some channel and not in another. Future versions might support it.


The easiest way to setup your server is to just tick the two boxes for Voiced and Oped users as shown in the picture above and you’re done! The only disadvantage is, that newer servers that have no Distro access yet, will also get priority, which is something you might not want.


To get around this, the best way to set it up, is to use hostmasks and this way creating a ‘friends’ list of people that should get priority on your fserve. The disadvantage of this, that you need to update the ‘friends’ list with every new server, but this is exactly what we’re gonna do!



Give priority using Hostmasks

Every user logged on your channel has some user id information.

You can see it by typing /whois <nick> in your status window or mIRC.

For example : /whois Greenie


The information you get, can be something of the following possibilities:




Normally, it’s build up like “nickname@hostname”, but in some cases the host is “masked”.

The information shown is not really their true hostname, but it’s replaced by something else.


In this case:


·         Forever.Blowing.Bubbles is a masked hostname

· is partly masked, nl. only the first part “Rizon-345CF0D4”

· not masked at all, and is the true hostname.


There are a couple of possibilities to give priority depending if the host is masked or not :


Option 1.

If the user is using a fixed hostmask (e.g. Greenie@Forever.Blowing.Bubbles), you can use the following hostmask to give this user priority : Greenie*!*@Forever.Blowing.Bubbles

(Notice that *!* is added just before the @)


Enter it in the hostmask textbox, and click “Add”:



It will look like this:




Option 2.

If the user is masked by the server automatically (e.g., then it’s a bit trickier. Using hostmask Greenie*!* is not a good idea, since Rizon-345CF0D4 is made randomly, and might change the next time this user logs on, so next time, the priority queuing will not work. Greenie*!*@* is probably a better idea.


Option 3.

If the user is not masked at all (e.g., then you can use hostmask Greenie*!* without a problem.


Option 4.

I let you decide which type of hostmask to use, but every user that has a Fserve set up in the channel, must have his nick registered (note that you have to register your nick as well!), so this means, you can easily use that nickname to give priority.

In this case “Greenie” is a registered nick (so, it cant be anyone else logging on with the same nickname), so you can just use Greenie*!*@* as a hostmask, which will work all the time without any problems caused by masking and is also the easiest way to get it done. A shorter way of writing the hostmask Greenie*!*@* is Greenie*.


Anyway, add Greenie*!*@* or Greenie*as hostmask :



and click the “Add Button” :



Get the list of all the “friends’ you want to give priority and add them all to this list using the hostmask you want (I recommend option 4), for example :



When finished, click “Done” and that’s it!


Happy serving!



(PS : Don’t forget to update your “Friends” list from time to time!)