You want to know a little about me?

Got my masters in Mathematical Engineering and Computer Science in 1999 and always had a interest in gaming.
I started to program games on my C64 when I was 13 in Commodore Basic. C64 basic involved a lot of POKEs and PEEKs...
Well, if you know what POKE 53280,1 means, you're probably over 40 :)
Programmed in a few different languages including C, C++ and Visual Basic 6, and later switched to Gamemaker, a language much better suited for making games.
I programmed games for Windows, android phones, android tablets, OUYA, M.O.J.O, Razer Forge and Nvidia Shield TV.

Besides making games, I also like adrenaline raising activities.
I like going to amusement parcs to get into some rollercoasters and drop towers. Whenever I get the chance, I take a ride :).
Also, I'm a licensed skydiver, and I also did some bungy jumping, hanggliding, paragliding, river sledging, caving and diving.
Other hobbies include go karting, play darts and pool. Once in a while I draw cartoons.

Me skydiving :

Here are some skydive and bungy videos you might like:

I like to travel and I visited some far away countries. I like to take a sniff of the culture as well as doing some tourist stuff, but I also like nice and quiet places with no tourists at all.
So, sometimes I'd just go to a arts museum, but at other times I'm perfectly fine with just cruising around and hanging around on a nice beach.
Doing something different every time is what I like.

Check out some holiday pics:

Hong Kong


Brice National Park(USA)

Guell park Barcelona

Mexico (near Chitzen Itza temple)

Antelope Canyon (USA)