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The Piratebay [clean]
The largest torrent tracker in the world!

Magnet search engein.
Another torrent search engine.


NFO Hump
Scene release info.

Release info for XBOX360.

Nintendo scene release info.


Yoyogames freeware games
Free gamemaker games.

Gamemakergames forum
Another forum for gamemaker. Big archive of freeware (gamemaker) games that you can download.

#Retro gaming

Big community of game developers and players.

Retro Remakes
The best retro games.

Classic Retro Games
Get freeware games here.

#Dutch subtitles

Subtitle Seeker
Large database of subtitles.
Loads of dutch subs to download for your movie. Most of the time not the highest quality, but very up-to-date.
Another website for dutch subtitles.


CDR Winkel
Good place to get some Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens.

Console PRO
Reliable store to satisfy your console needs. Friendly service.

You want to know a little about me?

I got my masters in Mathematics at some well known University in Eindhoven. Currently, I live in the Netherlands.
(no, Berlin is not the capital city, Amsterdam is not a country and we dont speak German).

Hong Kong (Montain top viewpoint)

I like to travel and I visited some far away countries, like Mexico, Guatemala, China, Australia, New Zealand, USA (couple of times), Egypt, Iceland, and some other countries. I like to take a sniff of the culture (like piramids, Maya temples) as well as doing some dodgy "tourist stuff", like visiting the places other tourists go to, but I also like nice and quiet places with no tourists at all.

Guell park Barcelona

I like culture, so sometimes I'd just go to a arts museum, but at other times I'm perfectly fine with just cruising around and hanging around on a nice beach. Doing something different everything time is what I like, whether it's wild , culture-ish or laid-back.

Antelope Canyon (USA)

Brice National Park(USA)

In the past I also had a go at some adrenaline raising activities, like bungy jumping, river sledging, sky diving (I even got a license), hanggliding, paragliding and diving (got my PADI open water license while diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia). I'd recommend to do some scary/crazy stuff once in a while, it makes you feel alive :). Rollercoasters are good too, especially the high and fast ones and on other days I'd go karting. I also like darts, playing pool and just hanging around with my friends. I also draw cartoons and code video games (old school SNES style) as well as playing them.

Here you have some videos, you might like them:

Nevis bungee (New Zealand)

Tandem Sky dive (Lake Taupo / New Zealand)

Trying to practice freefalling in indoor skydive tunnel

In the past I used a computer to compose music, it was a very calming hobby, like playing a piano (i wasnt very good at it though). I also like to listen to music, and I have a varying collection of music. Sometimes I listen to (vocal) trance or GOA, on other times I put some Portishead on, The Prodigy, or maybe some Amy Winehouse :), depending on my mood. Also GOA music calms the mind, especially the psychedelic kind (Phreaky - "Tornado" is a great track, download it when you have the time).


I might pick up some of those hobbies again if I can find the time. I could also make a real "you want to know something about me"-page, if I can find the time that is...:)

Mexico (near Chitzen Itza temple)

Also check out next picture.

Iceland with gf and yuui