Are you looking for a great MEMORY game for your kids, that your kids can play care free?
Well, this is it!

It's 100% freeware, so that means:
- NO advertisements!
- NO in app purchases!
- NO hidden traffic!

So, you don't have to be afraid anymore that your kid will click some shady ad link.

Match 2 or 3 cards, where you play different game types:
- Animal memory : Traditional memory with cute hand drawn animals!
- Letter memory : Learn letters with letter memory!
- Number memory : Get to know numbers with number memory!
- Color memory : Try to match 2 cards with the same color!
- Sum memory : Match 2 cards that sum up to a certain amount. Learn some math!
- Puzzle memory : Match 2 cards where the puzzle pieces fit together like a small 2-piece puzzle!
- Trio animal memory : Find three matching animals.

Also, the game contains some cute sounds, and 2 languages (English and Dutch).
(More languages will be added in the future)

You can play alone or together with your kid.
There is also a 2-player mode, that even adults will like :)

Enjoy, and happy playing!

Check out the following screenshots:

Click on the images for a bigger version.

Download latest version:
Current version: 1.4.2017

Memory [Windows]
[local file for sideloading]
Windows Vista and up
(Tested on Vista and Windows 10)

Memory [Playstore]
[link to Google Playstore]
For Android tablets and Phones
(compatible devices)

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Notes (windows):
* Use touchscreen or mouse to control game
* If you're running this game under Vista and you're experiencing stuttering gameplay, you need to change some settings on the file. Click here for the settings.

Notes (android):
* Use touchscreen or mouse to control game
* Tested on : Samsung Galaxy 10.1 N8000 and Samsung Galaxu S5 NEO