Oils Well

A remake of OILS WELL by Sierra Online 1983, with some added extras!

Click on the images for a bigger version.

* This version features excellent gameplay: you can move very fast around the corner and has the real arcade feel!
* I added some gameplay extras, like 8 new levels, and new gamemodes!
* Also, I added some new enemies: a zapper that will flash through a lane, and a chomp enemy that will chomp new passages!
* I also added a custom made highscore screen.

Good luck and I hope you like this enhanced version!

Download latest version:

Current version: 4.0.2020

Oils Well [Windows]
[local file for sideloading]
Windows Vista and up
(Tested on Vista and Windows 10)

Oils Well [Android]
[local file for sideloading]
OUYA, Nvidia Shield TV,
and other Android devices

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* Game pad support (not all game pads will work)
* Tested on Nvidia Shield TV
* Tested on OUYA
* Use arrow keys and SPACE to control game. In option screen you can also use ENTER key
* Use F4 to change size of game window
* If you running this game under Vista and you're experiencing stuttering gameplay, you need to change some settings on the file. Click here for the settings